Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fruitful trip

Feeling refreshed.. Am thankful for the time over in Port Dickson (PD) =) Though it is just a short trip and I got some bruises on my leg but nevertheless the trip is really worthwhile.

Yes, I went to the beach.. Yes, I got up early every single day except the last day of the trip as too tired, just to go to the beach and enjoy the sea breeze. Yes, the beach is definitely not crystal clear but nevertheless, it is something better than nothing. I am contented with it ^.^

During this short trip, what I learn, what I saw, what I felt, what I experienced are priceless.. Somehow, when it was time to leave, my heart just sank. Guess what, the day I am coming back is the day whereby my last semester result is published (-..=)" My result is average but I was expecting higher grade for one of the subjects. Well, I am still anticipating for my full result to be publish. I expected my ethic subject to flung.... >.<

Want to draw back the attention to the trip to PD. Somehow, Jim Elliot words kept on running in my mind. (Click on the link to find out more about him). When he went to preach to the violent Huaorani Indian tribe, he said to his wife, OK, a confession to make. I can't clearly remember whether did he told her or he wrote in his diary, either way the main point is I remembered his words...

"If they were to attack us (because Huaorani are violent), we will not attack them back because if they die, they will be condemn forever but if we were to die, we will be in heaven."

They really were killed by the native..... 5 of them died because of a lie.... When I was watching the show, I can't help but to put myself in their wifes' shoe. Don't ask me why, but somehow, I felt their lost, it is as though I am really in their position. What encouraged me is their wife never gave up hope but continue on their husbands' works. In the end, God allowed them to bring forth the gospel to the native and a transformation took place.

God is great isn't He? Though Jim is unable to see the fruit of his starting work, but I believe that in his heart, he knows God will bless His people. All glory to the living God.

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."
= Jim Elliot =


Sileast20 said...

I dunno whether U rememebered, I was sitting in ur car with ewilly and I mentioned I read something that really got me thinking two sunday evening's ago I think. I was reading about Nate Saint. Also one of the Five who got killed by the huorani people. And at the end his son's and daughter's are the one's gets baptized by those who speared their father.
The Lord GOD work's in way's no human's could ever understand at times. But all in all it is HIS love for man that no one (those chosen)is left behind.
And as for the trip, I really need to go once for camp...Would want to see the beach again for once....

Shan Shang said...

Yes, I remember Nate from the movie but not from our conversation. Yo uncle, my fish memory very limited RAM. Hehe, but now I can't read much book as I really need to do my work. Sigh, thanks to my laziness... My work pile up like a mountain.

=) Yes, God is good to us though sometime His way is not what we have in mind. Nevertheless, all things for His glory.

CAMP??? LOVE IT SO MUCH! Though a bit disappointed with the fact that I didn't manage to win the Q & A session, but overall it is a fruitful trip! Yeah you should go! Hahaa... No worries, Youth camp is coming soon! End of this year! ^.^V