Monday, May 5, 2008

The snake..

*Put my hand on my heart*
"I hear something... I heard 'bip bop bip bop bip bop'."

I am still alive!!! Ok, a bit nervous... Ok, my heart is beating fast. OK, I am a bit freak out... -..-"
Why??? Let me tell you a story.......

After finish with the cooking, I was preparing foods for my dogs. I placed Lucky outside of the house while Xiao Bai at the back of my house. Both with a glutton look, anxiously waiting for me to placed their dinner down on the floor. Hehe... Ok, I like to look at their glutton face before serving them dinner. I find it hilarious... I always hold their foods for one minutes or less just to look at their funny face. Bad owner huh... Yeah, I like to torture my dogs!! *Evil laugh*

While having dinner with my mum, suddenly Xiao Bai was barking like a mad dog.
"Xiao Bai, yo yo apasal?? Shut up.... I need some peace and quiet for my dinner!"
*Dog kept on barking like a mad dog, IGNORING my words to him, SWEAT*

I got up from my seat, drag my lazy, heavy body to the back gate.... I.... Saw something outside the gate. It looks like a wire... Hahaha... I so wanted to hit my dog's head because he is wagging his tail while looking outside of the gate and bark. But I stopped and on the back light.

*33 fainted....* OK, I didn't faint.... I lied... I was SHOCK... BECAUSE.... There's a SNAKE AT THE BACK OF MY HOUSE!!!!! *Panic button pressed*

"MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....... SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
That's all I scream... My mum got a shock as well... My dog? Kept on barking as though ready for a fight. NO, I didn't open the door for him to go out and fight. *Sayang Xiao Bai* I still treasure my dog. The snake is around 60cm, black in color. VERY SCARY!!!!! Quickly I asked my mum to take out the sulfur and before my mum can come back with that, the snake went away. I then asked my mum to bring Lucky into the house as the snake is going her direction. I went out with my dog and he was so anxious to find the snake. He walked here and there and...... HE PEE and went back into my house (-..-)"

My mum was so busy making phone calls because my aunt was staying nearby. My uncle.... Got so excited for some reason.... He called again to my house and asked for the location of the snake and so wanted to catch it... -..-" Mind you, He caught a 5 feet snake before in his house. The snake came into his house from the back door. Don't ask me how but it scare my aunt like mad when she saw the snake inside her house! *Goose bump*

I went out alone and put sulfur all around my house because my mum was so darn scare of snake. -..-" I so wanted to scream already because I too were afraid of SNAKE! No choice but to go out and put sulfur around the house else the snake will come in the house. Praying like mad but thank God nothing happened. All brothers' fault! Came back so late! Don't like them la.... But, hehe.... Thank God for my dogs! ^.^V *sayang and hug doggie* Ahh, love them so much!


Lin said...

Wah so canggih got sulfur. Normally, we'll put salt. hehe easier to find if u run out of sulfur. haha

Shan Shang said...

Must be prepared when you are staying nearby a "jungle" Hahaha... My aunt asked us to buy for just in case purpose... Mana tau really will need to use it..

-..-" Now, I regret going out putting it around my house because it is so darn smelly!!! I hate that smell! Best part? Both my dogs, got that smell as well (-..-)" BAKA.... I JUST BATHED THEM YESTERDAY... Grrrr... Stupid snake. Feel like hitting its head! Hahhaa..

Salt can work?? Never heard of that =P Wa sua ku... Will try that when I see the killer snake again ^.^ Thanks for the important tips!

When you cooking la... Ku nak belajar baprik (Don't know how to spell Hahaha)

DebDeb said...

You have another dog? xiao bai?
I rmbr u telling me that your backyard is some sort of bushes-ish, right? So scary man!

Shan Shang said...

Ya, "hutan-ish" at the back of my house hahaha...

^.^ yeah got another crazy dog in the house. stray dog..... Sigh.... My house now like SPCA!!! I wonder how come don't have pretty and purebred dogs coming over... Cis...

I MISS YOU DOG!!!! Kekeke... Still remember ur dog gave me a "high 5" on my jeans when I went over ^.^V