Monday, May 12, 2008

Fish Therapy

Part 1
*Just woke up from sleep.... *

Mum: "Want to come along for foot SPA? Fish Therapy"
33: Mana?

Mum: Tesco, Ampang that side. Got Mothers' Day special so got promotion... Going there with Granny. If you want, get ready now and we will leave in 45 minutes time.

33: OK.

=End of part 1=

...Information Column...
What is Fish Therapy?
Allowing some kind of fish to "eat" your flesh... Emm... Is this explanation leads your thoughts to piranhas? OK, just nibbling... Not eating.. Mind you, this fish that I am referring to is toothless! ^.^

Fish name: Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus (There are two species of fish)
Alternatives name: nibble fish, kangal fish, doctorfishen, doctor fish or reddish log sucker (for non-medical context)
Origin: Turkey (a hot spring near Kangal)

Why on earth allowed toothless fishes to "eat" your flesh?
They are first discovered by Turkish to obtained healing power! They are called ‘Doctor Fish' as these fishes help in easing the symptoms of those suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. They actually nibble away your scaly and dead skin, leaving your skin smooth and glowing.

In addition, they only eat dead skin so the fishes will leave your healthy skin alone. Children who have young skin, seldom attract a large school of fish while adults with more dead skin are more attractive to the Garra Rufas.

Each session lasting a minimum of 30 minutes but not more than an hour in order to see effective result.

(taken from

=End of information column=

Part 2
Anxiously walked out from the car with granny and went to the place. It's a very small place. It is located at the main entrance of Tesco, Ampang. You can see a 250*100 cm "fish pool". It looks something like the picture below but it is rectangle in shape. *Ignoring the cute little puppy as well*
(Picture taken from:

Sorry readers, I don't have a camera phone anymore, so I can't take real time picture for you all to see the real situation. Sigh... Wait until I get my hands on a new camera phone first ya ^.^ Till then, be patience with the pictures.

Ok back to my story. Looking at the pool, it's actually a bit dirty as full of fish pooh! >.<" We took off our shoes and immerse our leg into a pale of water before submerging our legs into the water. I was the first to "go in"... *Glurp* I slowly dipped my toes inside the water and followed slowly by my legs, worrying that I will scare away all the fishes by going into the water. Within second the "feast" began. (Picture taken from :
The water almost came up to our knees and TONNES of fishes swam to my legs and instantly I can feel them "bitting" me. The fishes are 2-3cm long. Though small in size but I couldn't stop thinking of the scene of piranhas biting my toes.

How do I feel?

This is how I feel for the first few minutes. No, it is not painful at all but it is DARN ITCHY and it tickles!!! I feel like stopping the foot SPA! But after awhile, I was actually enjoying the therapy! Hahaha... It's actually very fun and interesting to see the fishes coming to your side and started "kissing" your legs as though you are someone important =P

I think the fishes are enjoying it because the moment I put my legs inside the pool of water, almost all the fishes came running to my legs! Even the people there were amaze with the scene (-..-)" I really got a lot of dead skin on my legs... Hahaha...

Ahh... 30 minutes is up! Sigh... SO FAST! When I was starting to enjoy the SPA suddenly it came to an end... Sigh...

Well, I myself find it quite relaxing and most importantly, my legs feel smooth! Statement were supported by granny but not my mum because there aren't many fishes that ran after her legs due to her sitting position. Oh ya, forgot to tell you about the payment.

Priced: RM12 - 20 minutes
RM15 - 30 minutes

But 3 of us only paid RM12 person for 30 minutes because mum negotiated with the seller. Hehehe... It is really a pleasant treatment (in my opinion), if you haven try it, haha, you should. Just for the sake of relaxing ^.^V

A piece of advice..... There are many places in KL that provide such SPA but do look out for the price before stepping into the SPA. Pavilion fish Spa therapy is priced at RM38 for 30 minutes while foot, hand and shoulder massages are priced between RM22 and RM149. Yes, It's TRIPLE the price I paid for the same service!

Anyway, we went to Ampang for Yong Tau Fu after the SPA. Slurp.... Ahh... I missed that place! Madness expensive though! RM 0.70 PER ITEM!!!!!!!!! -.-" My mum used to brought us there when she's working nearby. Last time we only ate RM0.20 per item. Inflation, inflation and inflation...

Ahh... I really enjoyed myself today ^.^ A Monday filled with activities


PilgrimBie said...

WOW~! this is madness enjoying life!
I wanna go!!!!
It's a very reasonable price!!!! =)

Shan Shang said...

^.^ Come bah...
The price might change when you come back though >.<

Hehehe, buy the fishes and DIY! =P