Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sleep is all I need?

Never know what is the meaning of good sleep after Sunday. Only God knows what is happening to my body. I have been acting very tired lately for no reason. I can't seems to stay awake though I sleep early the night before. I woke up with cold sweat sometimes as I had plenty of nightmares. I think I am getting Lucky's disease... Eat, sleep, and play... @(-.=)" Cis.... DISCIPLINE!!!!!

*Purely crapping for express purpose*
Am I doing things in a wrong way? Is those words aren't suppose to be uttered out? Is it because of that I don't have a good night rest? The peace of the Lord doesn't seems to be present in my heart but I know it well that He is there. I just wish to obey... Obedience brings God's blessing while disobedience brings you closer to God's wrath. I have no idea what will happen soon but I know I will need to stand firm and do what is right according to the bible. I am weary... God, take my heart, seal it, take over it and don't allow it to go astray...