Saturday, October 6, 2007


Tired... Somehow, I need a space to just breathe... I really don't deserve it but it kept on coming into my life. I know how painful it is when the truth strikes me, I don't wish that other will need to bear that pain as well. It really took me quite some time to recover and stand up once again. I really wish to go back home... I have no idea why but Phil 3:13-14 kept on appearing in my mind. But nevertheless, it encourages me a lot to persevere on.

I just uploaded a new song, somehow, I like the melody of the song. It is from the animation "Devil May Cry". I kind of like the animation. Hahaha... However, I find it quite fake when the main character doesn't seems to die off.. Hahaha... Nah, I still like the show even though so. Hope you enjoy the song.. ^^


~e^c*h@~ said...

He is a merciful God so you'll be fine. 'Add oil'!

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

=) will add oil Thanks