Friday, May 25, 2007


What??? I can't hear you..... Speak louder, would you please??
Pardon me, I really can't hear you!


*Shake butt* Hahahah.... Yes~!!!!! I manage to survive this week! My final exam is now OVER! Hallelujah! I only slept 3 hours as didn't manage to cover all the topics. T.T Darn many chapters to cover! Madness!!!!! NETWORKING SUBJECT REALLY KILLS!!!!! T.T My precious sleep.... My doggie missing me... Hehehe...

How was it? Hmm... A combination of good and bad? I rate the paper as moderate... At least I have a hope that I can pass the paper. Too many things happened lately and everything seems to take place in a such short period of time... I was so thankful to God that the paper is alright to me... I really was scare like mad while reading the subject.... So many chapter and I can't finish study. T.T Thank God for everything.....

Suddenly, I realized that all those things that happened meant something to me... I am starting to see a picture.... However, it is still a bit blur... I just wish that I can see the whole picture faster in order to know what really God wants me to know and learn... *This section is for God to know, for me to find out*

No, my internet is not back yet... =..=" Baka.... I am currently in Monash University lab.... Hahaha... Compared to APIIT.... This place really is.... Is..... Is..... Not good! *Comparing lab* Seriously darn hot here.... I was sweating while typing this post! =..=" Besides that, the chair here are really causing people to obtain CTS! Some of the chair height are not adjustable... =..="

What is interesting here?? *Looking at my hp* Wao.... "GREAT COVERAGE"! Digi some more.... =..=" "I will follow you......" I think they can't follow me to the lab as it is burning hot~ Maxis obtain full bar reception though~

I feel like collapsing now... *yawn* *Slap myself* Can't..... Need to MAKAN~ Yam Yam.... =) Hahhaah... Ok... I will try to update my blog as much as I can... Hahahaha...


jannz said...

Networking? CNI module!! Ahahahahha..

I've been through the paper. Got good results too. I'm sure you'll do good, you're such a brilliant student! Aheh heh..

Anyway, a piece of advice. Make sure u have a wonderful fulfilling holiday and prepare urself for another semester and 3rd year. Its hell if you don't have time management.. ;)

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

=..=" I know.... Trying to enjoy but have no choice but to stay at home as need to do sth here T.T My PRECIOUS HOLIDAY.... Down the longkang... T.T

THanks for advice =) And.. BTW... Im not at all brillian... Ask EL la... He oso dont like me hahaha... *bluek*