Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentine Day

Valentine is just around the corner but besides than all those florists who are making tonnes of money and the chocolate price hiking up, I still take that day as a normal day in my life. Yes, no doubt that being single through all this year is really a challenge to me. Patiently waiting for my next relationship to knock on my door is really a challenge... Why? Too many things to consider before I were to jump into a new relationship.. Am I raedy for a new relationship? A person who can't find contentment in God will never find contentment in this worldly place, which indicate that you are not ready for one relationship. Am I content?

I used to hear people saying "I love You, Lord" but is that really from the heart? I started to think a lot of things lately.... I always like to say "I love You, Lord" but it really strike me when I started to think whether is that really from the bottom of my heart.. How can a person who is so in love betray the trust of her lover? Is there such statement? In my opinion, that statement doesn't exist. A person who really loves you, will die for you and will not do something that hurts you. Am I doing the same for the Lord?

A girl, who is so lucky to have guy that loves her regardless of what she has done wrong and never let go of her hands. Unfortunately, that girl's eye sight doesn't seem to be focusing on that guy rather on another guy that doesn't love her at all. Why is this happening? Yes, you might say that because that guy who loves the girl is not fated to be with her, hence, nothing can be done on it. However, I really wish to know why the girl doesn't want to let go the guy's hand straight away instead of holding on and dragging his life? Yes, I know that the guy loves the girl a lot and willing to stay by her side even though she is just using him. But why???

I think many of my friends out there experienced this feeling often... A person who is taking your love for granted just because she/he knows that you love him/her. Pathetic people... Yes, including me as well. I really wish that I realise that earlier and things will not be the same anymore... I always believe that what goes around comes around. How you treat people, that is how people will treat you back in return.

I think I am starting to talk nonsense here... Hahaha... Allow God to change my deceiveful heart..