Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stress up

The only word I can used to decribe myself is basically tired and stress up.. I am piled up with tonnes of assignments. I got 4 assignments on hand now.. Having 3 group assingnments and 1 individual. Another individual will come in next week... Madness... I am really stress up.. All the VB programs are not working and I need all those program to do my current assignment! T.T Feel like dying... I am really stress up...

My classes?? So far.... So "GOOD"... Want to have a look at my timetable?? Nah... I better not.. I think you will faint when you see that.. Basically.. The time I spent in the college is longer than the time I spent at home! My classes are really bad for 3 subjects... 2 of them (MAD and IDM), I have no idea what on earth the lecturers are teaching as basically, they don't really have experience in taeching. In addition, they don't really understand the subject itself... I.... Totally wave my white flag to them... They are making me more confuse about those subjects! =.="

A special thanks to my MAD lecturer, now I am totally lost in DFD and context diagram. I also wish to extend my gratitude to him again as he had added in more "harsh words" in my vocabulary... As for another subject (HCI), the lecturer seems ok but then.... He likes to read from the slide... Furthermore, he likes to gives us exercise on designing interface but he took too long to discuss those exercise... For instant, he asked us to design a interface for 3 devices for the supermarket which is a trolley that can calculate the total price of the goods in the trolley, a bar code scnner that tells the customer(s) regarding the goods' price and a credit card/debit card machine. He gave us 45 minutes just to create 3 simple interface and on top of that.. The time doesn't include discussing the answer with the whole class... =.=" There goes... One class has ended... Happy? NO!!!! I didn't learn anything but drawing??

After classes, normally, I will be in the library working. However, as I don't have a strong body, normally I will head home to rest.. Yet I am being "complain" that I am so weak... Why? Because, they used to study until evening and continue working until midnight. Yo... Different generation, different body and different mentality... You can't blame me as I can't work... I am not working as a full time there... I just need a break!!!!!

I am stuck with my work in the library... Every move I made, seems to be so so wrong. Every words I speak, seems to be so hurting and spoken at a wrong timing. What on earth happened? I really am blur actually.. After a day of lecturer... I will be blur.. Information overloaded... I really wish to give up everything and just sleep! Why???? Furthermore, they required for a WEEKLY meeting.. I am dead... How am I going to handle? I have no idea... Pushing myself to the limit?

After classes and work, my day doesn't end there... I still need to do errands.... Sometimes... When I come to think about it... If it is not the strength of God... I think I will probably just hang myself and die.. Tired... Really tired and lazy to even think.. Lately.. I don't really have sleeping problem as I am too tired... I will just fall flat on my bed and meet with my "darling" in my dreams.

This is basically my daily routine... Normally at night.. I will be doing some research on my assignments or doing my assignments... Sigh... Life is darn dulL!!!!!! I want to go out and SHOP!!!!!!!!

Oh ya... I fell in love with this song... Hehehe... Enjoy...