Friday, November 6, 2009

Working world...

Dear diary,

After approximately 2 months of so called 'holidays', I'm back into the working world.. It has been a week since I started work. I'm currently working in an IT company and holding an interesting position. :)

My work for now will be monthly SLA reporting. I haven started anything yet but I'm currently 'playing' and observing their previous data. Meanwhile, I'm learning some new things regarding MS Excel from the internet. :) Ah.. It has been awhile since I last use Excel.. This will definately be a good time to polish up my skills :)

Hmmm... Still not familiar with the reporting yet but I believe, in due time, everything will be within my finger tip. I have to admit that I'm still feel raw with the environment but thank God for the people are nice to me over there :)

Well, I'm enjoying my time now in the office as there's not much work for me. However, I can foresee that it will be hectic in the coming week. I shall anticipate it and be ready for the battle! Gambateh neh!

=Sign off=