Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Krishna Curry House

Today lunch was interesting.. My colleague brought me to Krishna Curry House together with other technicians. It is located at Jalan 222, Petaling Jaya. Wao... I have no reason at all to resist their mutton! It's SUPERB! Hahaha... It was so soft and tender... Their way of cooking things are quite unique. They actually served in claypot form (if you order it). Heheh... One thing I like about that place is.. I am able to eat with my hands and nobody is staring at you with a strange look. ^.^ Well if you like Indian food, do try this shop, especially the mutton =)

One thing caught my attention... It was their bill! I forgot to snap a photo of it though. It was filled with pictures, pictures and only pictures. There were no words like "Chicken", "fish" or "mutton" but pictures of them! Hahhaha... I find it quite funny when I looked at the thing... Hehehe... I will snap some photos if I have the chance to go there again ^.^