Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bad day?? Bad hair??

(Taken from: http://www.city-data.com/forum/other-topics/140638-death-bad-hair-day-wars-2.html)

Nothing is wrong with my hair... My hair is perfectly fine, EXCEPT the fact that the person with that hair is unhappy with it. Aisheh all the drama going on after I cut my hair... TensioN~~~~ (-.=)"

When I arrived in the office.....

a) My colleague (C1) got a shock when I opened the door and walked in... First thing that came out of her mouth...
C1: "What happened??"
33: *Duh look* Don't comment on my hair, I know it looks horrible... *Walk to my work station*
C1: "Why suddenly go cut your hair like that?? "
33: "Buntut gataL~" *SAD* "Some more not 'balent'"
C1: "Show, show"
33: (=..=)
C1: OH MY.......
33: "I got not enough money to cut the other side.. That's why..."
C1: LOL...
33: *Ignore, do work*

b) My boss came into the office....
Boss: *SHOCK* *step back a little* "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR???"
33: (-.=)"
Boss:........ You shouldn't have cut your hair, it looks better last time...
33: YES!

I thought all the drama is coming to an end..... HOWEVER.... While I was walking to the server room...
MIS guy: "Shan Shang, turn turn..."
33: *REFUSE*
MIS guy: "Shan Shang"
33: "I chose to ignore you~~~~~~" *quickly walk off*

During lunch...................................... Walking....................
Some of our office colleague (different department) were walking with us....
TO MY HORROR..... One of them actually turn back and looked at me.... (-.=)" NO! I am not pretty or anything but because of my HAIR CUT (-.=)' My boss looking at the situation started to make fun of me and that guy... (-.=)"

BEST PART??? A colleague of mine can actually came up to me while I was buying lunch, looked at me as though I am an alien.. He did that TWICE! Popping his face in front of me, looking at me carefully... (-...+)" He ended up getting beating from me for his action =P

Back from lunch... Account department guy came in to ask something...
Accountant: *Blink, blink, staring at me* "You cut your hair?"
33: "Don't talk about my hair, it's horrible"
Account: "OK mah"
33: *Straight face*
Account: "If that person is not beautiful, regardless what type of hair style also the same..." *Giggle*
33: *DIIIISSSHHHH* "Don't like you la~~~"

In between there were many dramas... These are the few that I remember~~~Mind you... Today is only the FIRST DAY.... (-.=)" How can I survive?? One thing I know for sure that 737 and dear are anticipating to see me... Hopefully I won't get any KC from Pastor... CIS~


PilgrimBie said...

HOw's your hair?? Not that bad bah?? half long half short?

I had a hair cut last week, it was terrible.. my frens kept commenting, eh, why so weird one..
ruined my hair!! Now, i've to wait for it to GROW!! kept pulling it~aiya!!!

Sil_30 said...

Well, For ur info, try to avoid me...heheheh.... anyway, it ain't that bad is u got a bad hair day.... I ever got good hair cut also people tease and make fun.... so I guess people just want to make a comment thats all coz it is unusual....

Lin said...

Picture please... Haha

Shan Shang said...

Deb: trust me.. For duno how many times i'm pullin my hair until d extend my colleague asked me 2stop touching my hair -.-! It's not tat bad actually juz tat it doesn't suit my taste, mayb for daring type of ppl ok la..

Silest: -.-!

Da: i'll post it ltr on when my hair is longer =p

Anonymous said...

So, you have graduated and started working. Congrats! How's work life?

Shan Shang said...

hi, thanks. Yes at last i'm no more studying n working :) working life is not fun at all! T.T Btw, sorry to b rude but who r u?