Thursday, February 19, 2009

An undeserving sinner before God

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Ahhh... Back to my small little home.... Interesting week indeed.... *Since I refuse to share in YF, I will then share it here*

How many of you realised that you are so privilege in your life? Don't many of you obtain a mobile phone? A house to stay in? Clothing to cover yourself and keep yourself warm? How about friends? Family? Aren't you thankful for the peace? Aren't you thankful that you are healthy?

Compared yourself with someone who doesn't even have a house. Compared yourself with someone living under war situation. Compared with those people who are starving. Now, tell me, aren't you privilege? Many of us take things for granted for we are too familiar with the things we have in our life. Are you one of them?

I couldn't stop myself from thinking all these things after I read the birth of Christ from the bible. He is the King of all kings and Lord of all lords but He chose to humble Himself and came down to earth. As God, He can chose to be born in a palace or somewhere grand and great yet He doesn't. He was born in a manger and He doesn't even have the privilage to sleep in a comfortable bed as we are. He even go to the extend of dying on the cross, even though He's sinless.

A sinless Man, there He was, being born in a manger and die a humiliating death. He deserved all things on earth yet He chose not to receive it and to gave up all things for the sake of His Father's will. Here I am, a sinful girl, having many things in hand yet being so attached with the world and constantly sinning against the Father.

I couldn't stop the thought that I am truly not deserving, yes, even His grace, I am not qualified to receive it. Why aren't I appreciating what He has done on the cross as much as to put away all the worldly thoughts of mine? Why am I constantly not doing what's required by Him? As God said to the Isrealites when they came out of Red Sea, "If you listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD, who heals you." Am I then listening carefully and keeping His commandments as I ought to?

How frail I am, O Lord. Help me to know my end and help me to measure my days on earth! Thank you Lord. Thank you for the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ came down to earth not to save the righteous but sinners! Thank you for the fact that He gave freely to those who repent of their sins and trust in Him. Thank you for the fact that He is here with me, even right now. Thank you for all things that's given to me so freely. Teach me O Lord to appreciate what you have done on the cross and help me O Lord to live a life that's fruitful and glorifying to You.

Praise and glory be to You forever and ever. Amen.