Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was doing my work whilst listening to Mix FM normally. However, every time I hear the "Lie Detector advertisement", it never fail to catch my attention. I will stop my work for a short while and just listen to the conversation.

What caught my attention the most is the relationship of a husband and wife. The wife wanted to know whether the husband is cheating on her and thus the husband was asked to take the lie detector seat. The DJ will then ask him some related questions. Well, if the whole scenario is true, the husband is really unfaithful towards the wife!!!

Ahhh... How humiliating it is to annouced that to the whole Malaysia (well practically the whole Malaysia). Most importantly, how will the wife feels? She must be heart broken. It's really a big blow to her, isn't it? If I were to put you in her shoe, how would you feel? If my future husband is really unfaithful towards me, how then will I react? To be honest, I wish to walk away (divorce) and never wish to see his face again. I felt disgusted.

Speaking of such issue, I was thinking.... Human disgusted me when they are unfaithful towards their spouse, what about God? Am I faithful towards Him? Am I doing what is commanded by Him everyday, every single time? I couldn't stop thinking how disgusting I am before God. I couldn't see myself standing up before God.

All these while, God has never been unfaithful towards me, why then am I not being faithful towards Him? I felt myself in the shoe of the husband. I tried to pretend before Him that I am faithful towards Him and constantly obeying His laws but I know I am still sinning against Him... I can't hide as He is an all-knowing God!

Lord, have your ways in me. Allow your Holy Spirit to humble this harden heart of mine. Teach me not to sin against You! You know it well that with my own strength I can do nothing good out of it. Please, O Lord, please, if You are willing, help me... Nothing I ask from you but for your strength to be given to me to walk this narrow path.