Monday, December 15, 2008


Going for an annual eyes check up tomorrow. Feeling a little afraid but I like the doctor a lot ^.^ She's so careful in doing her job and she make sure everything is being carried out properly. Something that I fear after the check up would be the "short term blurness" (due to the medicine). Basically, your eyes will be seeing two visions (something like those who are short-sighted), you are unable to walk properly and you will feel dizzy after that.

Sometimes, people take things that are given by God for granted. They thought that since they can see with their eyes now, until the day they die, they will still be able to see with their eyes. What about your hearing? What about your voice? The air that you breathe everyday? Health? Do you thank God everyday for what He has given to you? Or you just take all those things that I mentioned for granted?

I am getting old, that, I have to admit. Though I don't like people calling me "aunty" but then, it's a blessing to be old, isn't it? Hey, imagine how many cakes you have eaten throughout your life! =P OK, I am a bit too.... "Foodaholic" But the main point is..... Everybody needs a reminder! Therefore, here is a reminder to all, to thank God for what He has given to you and to acknowledge those blessings! Neverever forget to glorify God with what He has given to you (^.^)