Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Leviticus 1 -5

Reading: Leviticus 1- 5

*I will not be posting the Scripture here as it will be too long. Thus, read the word from;&version=50; *

Yes, indeed it is a long passage. If you read carefully, you will realise.....
a) Burnt offering (Chapter 1)
b) Grain offering (Chapter 2)
c) Peace offering (Chapter 3)
d) Sin offering (Chapter 4)
e) Tresspasses offering (Chapter 5)

There are many types of offerings written in this book but let us just focus on these 5 offerings and derive some spiritual teachings for ourselves.

Firstly, we have to admit that all of us are not perfect, thus, you will be expecting the scene whereby many people will be bringing forward their sacrifices in order to perform sin offerings every single day. Besides that, we shouldn't leave out the people who were here for burnt offerings, grain offerings as well as peace offerings. Now, I want you to put yourself in the Israelite shoe. Can you imagine what they were seeing everyday with their eyes? Can you imagine what they were hearing every single day? Can you then imagine what they are smelling each day?

To get a glimpse of what they went through, follow your mum to the market. I can assure you, if you are stepping into the wet market for the very first time, your reaction will be "eeeeeeeeee, so dirty...." Not only that, you can also smell an unpleasant odor. If you are "blessed", you can even see some of the sellers slaughtering life chicken! Imagine the cry of the livestock, the unpleasant odor and the bloody scene from the market, multiply it 100 times (or more). The result of that would be the scene of the Israelite EVERY DAY! Isn't that a repulsive scene? Yes, indeed it is!

What is God trying to portray over here? That scene that the Israelite saw, heard and smelled every single day is a glimpse of what God sees when we sin against Him each day. To God, our sins are disgusting! Therefore, whenever you are about to sin against God, think of this scene. Think of how God will feel when He sees you from above and then stop sinning against Him. On the other hand, when you have sinned against God, think of this scene as well, to know how sinful and filthy you are before God. Subsequently, repent of your sin and come back to Him.

Secondly, did you realise that every single offering require the offerer to incur a certain amount of cost? Even the poor, God asked for animals as the sacrifice (Lev 5:7). Can you imagine the money they can obtain from the sales of all those animals? They can even eat the animals as their meals! However, they didn't. Why? They chose to give up the animals to God as their sacrifice to Him. They willingly and whole-heartedly gave in all those to God (even though it costs them). Are you then giving up your all in all to God, willingly and whole-heartedly?

Thirdly, it is so obvious that God gave us an articulate (thorough and detailed) account of the way Israelite should offer up their sacrifice etc. Why then is God doing this? He is actually telling us that He has His own way to save His people. Nobody can come to Him unless he/she comes to Him according to His way and only His way. Are you then approaching Him correctly? Are you picking on His words (All those you can obey, you will obey. Else, you will ignore them)? Remember, God will only accept you if you are doing according to His way.

In short, we are all sinner before God. However, thank God that He didn't just stop there and allow all of us to be condemn to hell! He gave His only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ to us and He was crucified on the cross because of our sins. Thus, we are able to come near to God the Father not because we are worthy but because of Jesus's blood that wash us clean from our sin and His righteousness is regarded as ours whilst our sins are regarded as His. Nevertheless, as God has His own appointed way to salvation therefore always bear in mind that you need to come to God according to His way and not yours! In addition, note that it is solely of God's grace that you can come to faith in Him.

p/s Sorry, I am not that good in writing, but I am trying my best to write down what I have learnt through CF, YF and even bible study in order to remember by heart what I have learnt thus far. A big apologies to all (especially the preachers) if I didn't present the thing well. Hehe... You can always (always welcome) leave a comment and add in all those things that I left out =P