Saturday, November 22, 2008


(created by: Ng Bi Yan)

Ever wonder where your life is heading? Yes, without a doubt, I know many of you out there obtained a plan for yourself. Regardless whether is it a detailed plan or just a rough idea on what you want to do in the future, it doesn't matter. The main point that I wish to emphasize over here is... How certain are you that all those plans you have in mind will come to life? How certain are you that all things that you plan will take place exactly as how you plan? Will it?

No offense to all but I still hold on to the belief that nothing is certain in life, except death. That is the only thing I can assure every readers out there that it will take place. You can be as positive as you want, you can be optimistic, you can be a so called "looking at the bright side person", but tell me one thing... Does it change the fact that you will die one day?

I once read a book, the author claimed that if you think positive, all those positive things will eventually come to you. 33 said, wake up and be realistic. Regardless how you think, if it is God's plan for you to die, you will die. OK I have to admit that I am a pessimistic person but that still doesn't mean that death will come earlier to me, right? Well, unless God made it that way.

Now, since death is so certain in life, why then live? You will die anyway, right? What then is the purpose of living? To eat? To learn? To have a family? Then what? I believe many out there are asking those questions from time to time. Some got the answer for their questions, but many don't.

Life, is more than you can imagine. Life is more precious but it is often made small in value because many don't understand the meaning of life. What then is life?

Come and listen to what the creator (God of the bible) has to say since He created you and me. Let us come and listen what He actually has for us in our life.

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Hope to see you there and have all your questions answered!