Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Insomnia again... Sigh....

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The word is insomnia.... Dead dead dead tired.... I practically didn't even go into ZzzZ world yesterday night. I was asleep for few minutes and I was awaken.... (T.T)

The picture above really depict me well! I went to bed around 1 a.m. yesterday as I couldn't close my eyes in any way.... I then decided to give it a try on sleeping... I tucked myself comfortably into my comforter and hugged my bolster. Incredibly I was getting tired and my eyes were closing without any counting of sheep! Weeee~~~~

Suddenly...... CREEEEEEEE.... CREEEEEEE...... CREEEEEE..... I thought it was my dog scratching on my door but it is impossible as my dog is outside of the house! I got a little worried and suddenly something caught my attention... It was my window... There's a shadow..... I was worried and scare, thinking that it was a burglar. I then walked closer to my window and peeked out.... GUeSS what......

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NO JOKE!!!!! A ROOSTER!!!!! (=.=)" NO I am not staying in Kampung (village)...... It's my neighbour's rooster. It always fall down from above... BAKA! I couldn't do anything but to leave with the fact that there's a rooster outside of my window. What can I do? Is not that I know how to catch the rooster.... (-.=)"

Consequence???? It kept on scratching my window.... The rooster was trying to get a grip on my window so that it will not fall down. WHOLE NIGHT!!!! SCRATCHING!!! MISERABLE~ *pull hair*

Yes, may I then bring all the reader to the best part....... Do you know that God created rooster with a purpose?? Do you know that before day break, the rooster will "sings"??? YES! IT "SANG"~ (T.T) Early in the morning, it's not even 530 a.m. It is crowing.... Kill me please... Its voice is so sharp and loud... To make the matter worse, my nephew started crying as his napkin was wet... My worst nightmare ever..... I couldn't see myself in the bed anymore and I rise. I kept my nephew accompanied whilst waiting for the confinement aunty to catch the rooster for me... No joke, she's darn good!

Where is the rooster now? At the back of my house..... With its hands and wings tied up with rope! Hahahaha.... At least it is not crowing! The confinement aunty kept on saying "slaughter it, slaughter it~" Hahaha... Have to admit that the rooster is darn fat and meaty! NO, we are not going to eat it, though tempting! Hahaha.... Anyway, thank God I am not working today else I will collapse over there and sleep!

Nyek nyek nyek.... Waiting to watch Madagascar 2!!! ^(^.^ )^


Lin said...

Hoho... Ganbatte ne...

Anyway, the madagaskar is darn funny. Later find the part with "moto moto"

I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it. Lets move it move it. Wakakkakakakak

Shan Shang said...

I still prefer Madagascar 1.... =P I think 1 is better than 2... More hilarious at least.. Hehehe..

"Why do you like me?"
"Because you are huge..."


Mei Leng said...

haha, i pity the rooster...1st it's all tied up and 2nd it has to listen to death threats :P
oh, forgot, i pity you too for not getting enough zzz, hehe!

PilgrimBie said...

Wow.. got rooster!! something different lolz! =) yea.. Pity 33..
Get some rest while you can OK!

Shan Shang said...

ML: (=.-)" HOW CAN YOU........ CiS... Always said I sayang Lucky too much but you also the same what~ See see see... Bimbang tentang ayam jantan lebih drpd 33... *pedihnya hatiku*

Deb: Different?? (_ _)" To be honest, I truly wish to slaughter it and eat~ Hahaha.. Darn fat wei the rooster! =P

I can rest always... Too much rest in fact.. (if you get what I meant)