Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rest is all I wish to have...

For the past few days, I don't really have a good night rest. My heart is burdened with something called "consequence of sins", in addition of baptism. Having tonnes of nightmares yet waking up forgetting most of them and having my heart beating very fast. Is that real, I woke up asking myself that question. I was terrified but I just sit there and close my eyes and hands together... Too many things in head, I guess ^^

Glad that I have finish my testimonial but the destination is still far away... May God leads me into His kingdom. It is a great opportunity to write out your life... It helps me to look back at my life. How I changed to be who I am right now, what I went through all this while etc. I struggled a lot while writing as it is really difficult to write. There's too much to write actually >.<"

Ok... At least it is done! GAMBATEH neh! 1 down, 2 more to go...

To those who are facing exams, gambateh ya! Make sure you have sufficient rest and do your best! ^^