Monday, April 20, 2009

Not the righteous Jesus came to save

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心中的结似乎一一揭开了。。 不知怎么了,我,打开心胸,把一切一切都从脑袋中删除。捆在里头的痛, 悲与泪, 都一一抛开。。 在利未记10:3 上帝说 “我在亲近我的人中要显为圣;在众民面前,我要得荣耀” 。读到此篇, 我顿时呆了会儿。此话语顿时叫醒了“睡梦中”的我。。

试问有多少人真正的依照神的方式来敬拜他?试问有多少人为了上帝而活? 我的每一步,我的每一句话,我的一举一动, 都在敬畏神吗? 你,又如何呢?

I have to admit that working life is difficult. I have to admit that I spent more time working compared to spending time with the Lord. I truly hate the working world. It is like a subtle way of the devil to draw you away from the Lord if you are not careful with things. Every moves you made, every words you speak, every thoughts you have, are they are glorifying the Lord God almighty? At the sight of many, are you then honouring Him? Are you?

I can assure you one thing... There will be never ending work in the office. If you resigned one day, someone will come in to replace you and the company continues on operating. After few years, if you were to go back to the company, hardly anyone will recognise you. Am I not correct? Yes, you may be the CEO of the company, you may be someone holding to a high position, but may I ask... So what? After 10 years, will anyone remember you? Most probably no.. Why then are you pursuing something that is not permanent? Why then are you focusing so much upon your work? True, as a Christian, we should also work for a living but God didn't ask us to be a workaholic and ended up forsaking Him, isn't it? Even in our work place, we should be honouring Him as He should be honoured. Am I doing that?

Things seem so different now. I need to do a lot of adjustment and major changes need to take place. My life now is so "messy" and I know the fact that I am not living as how I ought to.. Yes, I am anticipate obstacles before me, nevertheless, I shall stand up with the strength of God and face it. Changes need to be done for the fact that God asked us to be holy for He is holy. Yes, I have to admit that I will fall constantly. Nevertheless, one word God implant in my heart that encourage me much to continue on in this journey... "Not the righteous, sinner Jesus came to save..."

May God help us all..