Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jer 31:33

The law that once was placed by God
on tablets made of stone
is now engraved on ev'ry heart
whom Christ has called His own.
These words that once condemned for sins
and showed the wrath of God
are now the Christian's great delight,
made precious by the blood.

The Lord is God and He alone
is worthy of our love;
for He has raised us from the pit
to dwell with Him above.
The Lord is jealous of our love;
all idols He abhors,
but those, in spirit and in truth,
who seek Him He adores.

How precious are the names of God
His nature they declare;
but those who use His name in vain,
the wrath of God will bear.
And precious is the Sabbath day,
the gath'ring of the church
who come expectant of their Lord,
His word to know and search.

The Lord has said that we must love
and honour we must give
to fathers, mothers He has giv'n
to teach us how to live.
All murder, theft, adultery,
all coveting and lies;
these sins the Christian must forsake,
lest him God will chastise.

All those who cast aside these words
and spurn them in this day
do show that they are not of God
despite what they may say
for what are these Ten Words but this;
the woll of God revealed?
For unto love to God and man
the saints are saved and sealed.

Kenneth A Puls