Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year =)

Dear diary….

When is the last time I stain your pages with my “almost-out-of-ink” pen? There you are, lying down quietly on my table. Filled with precious moments of my life… Nonetheless, the perpetual ups and downs in life lead to the laziness of updating it… Well, let’s get to work now! c(^.^)v

A brand new year, a brand new start, as we waved goodbye to the tiger, our arms are out stretch to give the warmest welcome to the cute little rabbit… Happy Chinese New Year to all. May all of you have a blessed year ahead. =)

*Point at the picture above* Is it cute? Is it cute? Is it cute?? Heheheh….. It’s a pen drive from Kingston! SO ADORABLE!!! (OK, at least it is for me). Nah, it doesn’t belong to me… Special thanks to Ah Tong for the picture. ^.^ Did some editing towards the picture… Hmmm…. Somehow, I like the photo to be “crooked” and black and white as background…. Original as below:-

Sitting here, staring at my screen, I could hardly believe that time flies that fast. What have I accomplished? Have I grown? Am I more faithful? Am I more teachable? Am I more obedient? Am I a better person in the family? Many things came into my mind as I pen down this post.

Recently, I was watching a series regarding a group of people setting up an orchestra performance. Well, this is a group of amateur, gathered together, trying their very best to put up an excellent performance. Their greatest challenge is to deal with their conductor, who is also called the orchestra killer. He is a person who doesn’t know the meaning of social and constantly hurt others feelings with his speech. However, none could deny his talent and skills in conducting the team. Hehehehe….. Yet to finish the series, thus, I can’t tell you what happened after that :p Sorry…. Hahahhaha….

Hmmm…. While watching the series, my mind is somehow zoomed down to the conductor. No, it’s not because he’s good-looking but more upon his style of living and decisions in life….. No doubt that he is one of the top conductors in the world due to his hard work in the past. People find it an honor to perform before him, much attention and due respect are given to him accordingly. There he is, standing tall and mighty above all, a shining star indeed. In this respect, he is cocky, looking down at people, being an irritating person whom you will not want to meet at all.

Thoughts came into my head… Am I too following his pathway? Am I willing to go all out just to achieve my dreams and gain the fame? Well, it is not necessary the acknowledgement from the whole world, but among family members, friends, colleagues and bosses? Do I then take pride in all the achievement in life (though I have none -..-“) and forgotten my root? Stripe away his conducting skills, what is left in his life? Stripe away all the things I took pride in, what’s left in my life? Emptiness? Could one then still stand tall and boast? Will one still have the qualification to boast?
Many times, when we are “victorious” in our life, when we achieved something significant in life, we somehow take pride in it. Have you ever stop and ponder who actually gave you the opportunities, talents etc? Do you realize that all these are blessings from God? Who then among us will actually gave all the glory and credit back to our Creator? As the malay saying goes “Bagaikan kacang lupakan kulit” (aka being an ungrateful person), will you also fall under this category?

O Lord, as we are in the beginning of a new year, helps us to be a thankful person. Help us to be grateful constantly for all the blessings bestowed upon us, especially the grace that saved one from eternal damnation. Let us not despite Your words but to walk faithfully with you. As one of the business men said “Life is like a prepaid card with a limited validity”, help us then to treasure our life as how we ought to, help us to live a life that is glorifying Your mighty name and may we continue to be a good witness for your sake. Amen.