Saturday, September 5, 2009

John Calvin

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Friday Youth Fellowship was interesting as we broke out from the norm and did a biography section instead. An influencial French reformist was picked and the story began....

I am not going to present you his biography here as it will be too long for me to do so. (For more information: But I would like to highlight something that triggered me to put on my thinking cap regarding this guy.

John was a simple and normal guy. However, many took notice of him not because of his looks, his family background etc but of his single-mindedness towards God. The things that he preached was nothing but the truth and only the truth he cling on to until the day he died.

I believe he really struggled in some part of his life as God placed him in a situation whereby John knew that it was God's will towards him but he didn't want to obey it. Nevertheless, who can win the almighty God? If that is His will, thus, He will ensure that His selected one will carry out His will according to His plan. So it was, John at last did what was required out of him willingly with God's strength. How many of us out there are willing to give their heart to God and obey even though what is in God's mind is different than ours? Well, I have to say that it's truly a big slap on myself as many times I chose to go on my own path and my own ways instead of His. How about you? Are you too rebelling against Him?

Secondly, John's life was truly very discipline. How many of us are truly having a discipline life? Yes, many might said what is the use of discipline life but think with me for a moment, if you are not discipline in your life, how much time have you wasted throughout all these years on earth? If you are discipline, you won't face the situation of "doing last minute work", you won't face the situation of "panic because work is undone" etc. Talking is easier than action, thus, am I doing what is necessary to cultivate discipline life? Ahhh... Sadly, the word "discipline" is still far away from me, I have to catch up and truly commit my weaknesses to Him for a changed life!

Last but not least, after all these years, John Calvin's is still 'among us'... Why? Why nobody remember you great great great grandparents but people remember who John Calvin was? Why? Because John Calvin devoted and invested his whole life into God's word and as it is written in the bible, "The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever." (Isaiah 40:8). Are you investing your life on the right thing? Or are you investing your life on worldly things (i.e. family, money, job etc)?

All in all, the whole section was a soul seeking section, well at least it is for me. It is a challenge put forth to me to check on my life. Am I living as howHe wants me to live? Am I glorifying His name as how I ought to? Am I being the light and salt of the world? May I too have the eyes that focus upon heavenly things, ears to listen to His words and a submissive heart to Christ.