Monday, July 6, 2009

Lunch time =)

4 hungry girls, *I wonder where is the guy* led by Frodo Shan Shang, went to seek out food in an obscure place. After many sore trials and tribulations (getting rundown by speeding cars etc.), they reached the place. However, the threat from within loomed its ugly head and the fellowship was nearly broken... yada yada... captioning time :P
(Quote from 737's FB)

For a moment, I truly enjoy "acting stupid" in front of the camera... But on the other hand... Maybe not?? Why?? See.... What kind of "DISTORTED" story came out from a 'peaceful,' 'pleasant', 'enjoyable' lunch time of mine...
(Link to photos:

Deb, Willy, 737 & wife decided to drop by and have lunch with me today. Well, to be honest, that one hour seems to passed by very fast! Work was SUPER HECTIC today as my "client's " demand became more and more 'interesting'.. Thus, a short one hour break is truly "heaven" to me as that's when I truly throw aside all things and just enjoy my lunch together with my 'LOTR's cartoons' =P

Well, I believe the pictures + captions did a great job in describing my lunch hour today... THOUGH most of the captions are exaggerated... =P

Thanks for dropping by ^.^


牛步千里 said...

I'm sorry my misstake comment ㅜ.ㅜ

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Shan Shang said...

ok :)