Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why should God write a book for us?

Currently reading a book by Jill Master.

May I present her work.... (Summarize version aka only taking main points)

Title: Why do we need the bible?
Bible reading: Job 9:10 ; Psalm 119 esp v105; Psalm 145

Bible is the only Book claims to be written by God. Its human authors having been guided in every word by the Holy Spirit.

Why should God write a book for us?
a) Because He made us
The bible is our Maker's instruction Book. He knows far better than we know ourselves. How strange it must seem that human should think they know better than their Maker! Human are so small and He is so great! We need God to reveal Himself to us and teach us how we should live.

b) Because we are only human
We are physical (flesh & bone) while God is spiritual. He is everywhere, all knowing and everlasting. Could a fish write a book about life on dry land? Or could a blind man write a book on sunset photography? How then can we write about Heaven / about God when we haven known or experienced either?

c) Because we are so sinful
We sinners are not the best people to understand the plans of a holy God. We have rebelled and offended our Maker. He must show us the terms of forgiveness & reconciliation.

d) Because we are so changeable
Our ideas & theories change from year to year. Leaders rise and fall. Scientists & politicians change their minds. But God is unchanging. He never varies and He put His truth down in writing so that it can be preserved and handed down from 1 generation to another without alteration.

Our world is a dark place, away from God. Even the cleverest, "best" people are only little humans, deeply affected by the disease of sin. How wonderful then that God has shined into our darkness with the light of His word - a lamp to our feet and a light to our path - showing us the Truth, telling us the good news of a Saviour.


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