Thursday, January 1, 2009

HappY nEW yeaR tO aLL!

The moment I step into this blog, somehow, I felt like a stranger... Looking at the screen I wonder am I the author of this blog. I have been away for quite some time. Away from my place.

I yearn for a moment. Just a moment will do. I yearn for a moment whereby time will just stop and I will not hear any ticking of the clock.

Living on this earth for 20 plus years, somehow I still feel that I am not living as how I ought to live. There are something more important in my life that I should be doing. Something that I missed out all these while... I couldn't be certain myself. In the state of seeking, in the state of asking tonnes of questions to myself.

I went to The Curve yesterday for countdown. Without me realising it, time flies.... Another year just went passed me... Just like that.. Looking at the firework yesterday, I was telling God in my heart, "God, thank you. Without You saving me, I truly cannot see myself standing here underneath Your sky, watching such a beautiful scene. All I hope for this year is just to be by Your side. I hope my faith will not be like the firework. Though it is beautiful in sight but it doesn't last at all. I hope, I hope that You will sustain me, strangthen my faith. I hope that You will not leave me nor forsake me."

Ahhh... A brand new year, a brand new begining. May I continue on this walk with the Lord and glorify His mighty name even as I work. Amen

Lastly, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!! Have a blessed year ahead =)