Friday, July 11, 2008

Be still and know that I am God.

The north wind blows, but the sourthern breeze will arise
In everything God's will is done
The north wind is bitterly cold, but it will bit last long
Soon the warm sourthern breeze will arise.

Be patient and wait, be patient and wait
The Lord will make everything beautiful in His time
When the time has come, when the time has come,
Abundant grace will overflow to you.

You who are burdened with sorrow, don't sign any longer
The Lord will undertake for you
If the Heavenly Father does not permit it
Who can do anything to you?

(Taken from: The heavenly man)


Sileast20 said...

Indeed Word's Of comfort for me and to people who thinks the same way now. Thank's.

Addy said...

Nice poem, it makes me feel fresh. Thanks

Shan Shang said...

Addy: Welcome to my blog ^.^

Yeah, but unfortunately I can't convey your thankfulness to the author as I have no contact with the author of the poem at all...

Nevertheless, hope you are refresh spiritually as well ^.^